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neillt said:
I finally ditched UPB when I did my remodel and went to RadioRA2.
I don't want to hijack this threat... but I sold my house that had ~75 UPB switches that we were quite happy with... Now I'm in a new house - a much higher-end house and I can't wait to get some lighting automation back in - but I'm between sticking with what's familiar in UPB (I really did love the flexibility), or going with what's really the only pro solution IMO these days and doing RRa2.
RadioRa2 is way more expensive and honestly it seems a bit less flexible than UPB - but it's higher end, and if/when I sell, it's something I can refer to a pro and be able to wash my hands of.
Would you mind sharing anything you've learned and love or hate about the decision to switch?  Also what made you want to get way from UPB - did you have reliability issues?
Hi - Marshall from PCS.
Anyone that wants the wiring diagram for the Omni PIM-R Adapter (OPA) just email me. Also I put the wiring diagram on the App note (PWX_202_PIMR_to_OMNI_Adapter.pdf ) on our website. Also if you want one of these free and you already have a RS232 PIM just email me or Man Chong ([email protected]) and we will send you one. I will try to get Kim Harms to get in here and answer the UpStart tech questions.
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