Pics from my new cameras + cam server


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I just installed some new cameras and an aviosys 9100a camera server The first two photos are from these cameras and the third is from this one

The 9100a is a cool little box. Not the greatest web interface but there is a yahoo group called 9100 where people have developed a few scripts for custom pages.

Anyway, here are the pics:



I tested that unit and could never get it to work with more than one camera. The software kept cycling through the pics when multiple cameras were used.

What firmware version do you have? I noticed that they did have a newer version of the firmware that was supposed to take care of all of these problems with their newer shipments.
I do have the new 2.37 firmware. It does work with round robin on 4 cameras but the software is still not very impressive.

Here are night pics w/ no light & 2 60W recessed.