Please identify these PCB connectors


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Could somebody please give me a name, model, brand, and/or source for the beige 2 & 3 conductor PC board connectors in this picture? Thanks.

This board is from my dead pool controller and I want to replace it with some Elk M1 controlled relays. Hopefully I can find the replacement connectors in a non PC board version to make it easier to connect straight to the relays terminals.
They are insulation displacing connectors. Looks like it is an old technology board. Probably several years old. They look like an off shore connector, but I can not be sure from the picture.

I would just pull the wires out of the connectors, strip the ends and screw them down at the relay terminal blocks.
Yes, the board is probably 12 years old. But it is still the standard connector used by Jandy & Goldline valve actuators for pool & spa valves. So I would like to make it plug & play for swapping or troubleshooting. But I am not against screw terminals if these things are hard to find or obtain.
WayneW said:
Yes, the board is probably 12 years old.
Actually, the board looks to be 13 years old (1992).

I tried to locate those connectors, and had no luck. As Spanky said, they look off-shore. Maybe Hirose or JST 2.5mm families. They are definitely either .1" or 2.5mm pitch, so you may be able to substitute.

Which end do you need? I assume you want to re-use the cables and substitute the PCB. If so, some AMP or Molex housing-less connectors would work. You would just have to match the pin size.