Centralite LiteJet48 or Elegance


I hear you on heat from the plasmas. Yes, the LCD's run a bit cooler, but my 40 inch LCD still puts out plenty of heat.

I can list a bunch of other appliances, but the kitchen oven and refridgerator are at the top of my hate lists. Seems like there out to be a way to install an outdoor compressor and condensor unit on the refridgerator. That would keep that heat outside, but then refridgerators wouldn't fit in with our "disposable" society...

And it sounds weird, but we don't cook near as much inside in the summer. The heat of the kitchen just blows you out, and then the meter spins triple time.

I made pizza's tonight inside, and I had the oven at 500 degrees. Yikes. Damn good pizza, though.

I suppose if you lived in a climate where you had just about equal cooling and heating loads for the different seasons, it would all work out better, but here in the heat it is a real battle, and most people have no idea it is happening to them.

Interestingly, though, when I look at the climate of Austin, TX, and look at the number of heating degree days and compare to cooling degree days, the numbers are about 1/3 HDD to 2/3 HDD ratio. HOWEVER, when I adjust the winter temperature up to a more comfortable 72 degrees, and jack up the summer temperature a couple degrees for my "low humidity house", the numbers come out almost equal.

But when you figure the people and electronics in your house, you will still have a larger amount of cooling to do.

Thanks for the comments..

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