PLEASE! Need some help with a domain that will not load.

going along with what's said above - when pinging the domain name from different computers, do they always resolve to the same IP address?  How about running a tracert - do they all take the same path?  If any of the computers resolve to different IP's or take different paths, it could be something weird on the internet.  Another absolutely screwy thing I've seen that caused certain sites to not load or to timeout a lot (even though pings always worked) was a different MTU setting on one of the routers - since things weren't all defaulted you could ping the site to your heart's content and traceroute, but web traffic would fail a lot because the packets were getting fragmented and it took a lot of retries.  That was a bear to resolve as it only happened to certain computers on the wired admin network; on any of the other VLANS or wireless it didn't occur.
I'm rarely a reformat kinda person - I like to figure out the cause because surely sometime in my future either the actual fix or at least the things I learned along the way will help me again.
Thanks for all the input, middle of the week till the end is busiest for me.  I wil give any and all suggestions a try this weekend.  The top of my list in a Live CD, as that could rule out any and all hardware problems at once.  Be it router, physical cat5 cables, DSL modem ect ect.
You got me in suspense here and its not an issue at all to wait to see what happens.
A while back with some version of IE I do recall having an odd DNS issue.  I ran a patch to the registry once a week until MS included the fix in an update.
The issue was very random and not something I could replicate.  (but my parrot will not talk when I tell it talk; she has a mind of her own these days).
I did do a couple of those "free" website/traffic checkers on the above mentioned website.  You just have to register on the site and they let you test their wares.
No issues came up relating to anything; including DNS.
Have you tried dumping all your saved browsing history, links and pictures? That can do it for sure.

I use "C" cleaner every now and then.


William McCormick
Sorry, I just have not had the time to dedicate to trouble shooting this for the past few days like I had wanted to do.  I will definately post and let people know what I find when I do get a chance to troubleshoot this further.  I hate when people post something, and leave you hanging.  I will not do that!  It's just gonna take longer than I thought hehehe