power failure question


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Motion detectors draw such a small amount of current, you should have no problem pulling their power off the data bus power.

Vaux is the auxilliary power terminals on the M1. They are current limited by a PTC ( resettable fuse) and enable you to power devices from the M1's power supply.

Saux is the switched smoke detector output power terminals that turn off from a keypad user programming entry to enable smoke detector resetting.


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great... thanks for everyone's help... i'll just try to plug it into the databus power and see how it works. it's hard to believe it would be that easy considering the size of the brick plugged into the wall to power the damn thing.

I'm an idiot... the thing isn't plugged straight into the wall. The power part is still connected to the old alarm board, which itself is still plugged into the wall. I simply moved the detection wires over to the input expander. I guess I'll move the power wires over as well and make the transition complete.