Proliphix thermostats and Elk?


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I jumped the gun a bit on control elements for my new house and bought Proliphix ethernet based thermostats early in its construction phase. I learned about Elk's universal control much later in the construction of my house. My 3 Proliphix thermostats are really great, but they are stand alone units on the house's ethernet and don't interface with Elk's virtual keypad software. Is there any way of interfacing the Proliphix thermostats with the ELK M1 other than 3rd party software like HomeSeer? I don't want to invest in a dedicated home automation computer to run Home Seer, and I like Elk's simplicity. Does Elk have any plans to make a module so the M1 can communicate over the ethernet with Proliphix thermostats? Thanks.
I have the same question. Have two Proliphix thermostats -- very pleased with them -- and leaning toward the M1 to replace an aging security system and add HA.
HomeSeer has a free Proliphix plugin and a paid Elk plugin that can integrate these thermostats with the ELK hardware.
Main Lobby has supoprt for the Proliphix too, as well as for the Elk. Their Proliphix driver is still in Beta, but there are a number of users who are currently using it successfully.