RCS Zone Controller


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I'm looking at installing zone control at my house. I'm looking at using the normal dampers, by my calculations I can use two of them per zone, if I went with the pro versions of the dampers I could use more.

The TR-40 thermostat, can I use that to setup a sch. for the set backs, like if during the day I wanted all zones to be set at lets say 55 .

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I don't mess with HVAC too much, and I don't know anything about the RCS stats, so I'll let someone else deal with the specifics of your question. However, be careful if you are doing your own zoning. The system must move a minimum amount of air or you will have problems, ie only one zone open probably would not be enough.

As an integrator, for legal and support reasons I normally get the HVAC contractor to design and install the complete system. I just hand him the stats to use and run the comm wires for the automation side. Usually, the HVAC guy ends up putting in a zone controller that takes care of the minimum flow requirements, etc. and then connects some basic heat/cool automation stats (ie the HAI RC-80) to the controller.