Reading & modifying ini files


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Good day all,
I sure could use a pointer or two on reading and modifying ini files in VB. I can't seem to locate much info at msdn on the issue. I know there are several routines somewhere for this. I even remember seeing a way to read & write ini files in ASP as a script. But I can't find it either.

When you say VB are your refering to the scripting language or the programming lang. I have some code at home that will let you store values and retrieve them from an XML file very easily but the code is for Let me know if you need it and i will get it to you.
Thanks Guys,
Squintz I am programming in VB. Electrons links were a big help. I got the writting to an ini file down, but I seem to have an issue with reading the ini file. The compiler doesn't report any errors in making the dll, and none appears in the program. But my text fields are blank, other than that the dll performs as programed.
When I mange to settle down and plug my jump drive in I'll post the code and maybe you guys can show me the fault in my code.

Thanks again