really need help with elk m1


i have a ELKM1PCSPIM hooked up to my m1,and i have a UPB light switch that controls a light over my step,so i have a rule setup in my m1 to turn on the light over the step when a motion detector detects motion,(the UPB switch shows  A1 in elk m1 lighting) and that`s working fine,Now i want to be able to control my other INSTEON switches through the elk m1,but when i import my insteon light file to my elk m1 the imported file goes to A1 also(a INSTEON LIGHT SWITSH), so now the rule is turning on the UPB switch and the INSTEON switch, because they all want to use A1 ,How can i change the insteon to be A6 or some other address in ELK M1?
I don`t know if this is the right place to post this,so please let me know if its ok or not. Thanks in Advance.
I would import the UPB switch to elk using RP2 and then manually move it up to a higher number in the table in RP2 lighting settings and well above the number of insteon devices that you expect to import.. Then you will be able import the insteon devices without overlaying the upb switch. Your rules wil need to be adjusted as necessary.
You can copy and paste entries in the lighting settings in RP2 in order to move them around.
I don't see how you could have the same results. If the UPB switch is imported as the first light in the RP lighting section and then you manually move it up to a higher position, how can it be overlaid by iporting new devices?
Understand that you need to change the rule that senses the motion and turns on the light over the step so that it points to the lighting location that you moved the UPB switch to.
yes Mike,i did all of that,i even clear all my lighting in elkrp2 lighting,then i did a new importof the UPB file, and that imported to 1 (A1) i then imported the insteon light file and that over ride the 1(A1) so i then copy that light file and paste it to 1(c1), then i imported back the upb file,which over ride the insteon, so i had the UPB light back at 1(A1) and the insteon light at 1(C1), THEN  i changed the rule to IF MOTION DETECTOR DETECTS MOTION, THEN TURN LIGHT1(A1) ON. But both the insteon light switch and the upb light switch comes on. Could it be because i am on windows 10? which i doubt would be the problem
the only other thing that I can think of is to remove all lights and rules that refer to them and start fresh.
Send lights and rules to the panel.
Import the UPB and then move it up to C1.
Then import the other devices.
Then write a new rule for the UPB at C1.
Another thought is that maybe you have another rule in the system that is triggering to the insteon device?
Is insteon also UPB or is it wireless? Ifit is UPB then Is it possible that you have two upb devices with the same ID?