Recommend a wiring guy in SF Bay Area?


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I'm planning to install an Elk M1 next month (replacing an Ademco Vista 20P) and since it doesn't support wireless keypads, it looks like I'm going to have to finally break down and get wires run from where the control will live upstairs to where keypads will be downstairs.

Running the wires through the walls/attic/crawlspace is more than I want to do myself, so I'm looking for someone who can do it competently, with minimum damage to my walls in the process.

The security companies I've called aren't interested unless I also have them install security stuff, and the electrical contractors I've called basically say "huh?" when I tell them what I need.

So does anyone know someone in the Bay Area (I'm in Redwood City, CA) that could do this for me?

Thanks for any info...
Call HomeTech Solutions in Cupertino at (408) 257-4406. They sell the ELK M1 and usually have a list of contractors they can recommend to help with installs. It is worth a shot anyway.
Send me an Email at... [email protected] (remove the appropriate number of dots before "com" :). I just had mine installed and the guys I had do it do it on the side so they are priced lower.