Recommendations for non-technical friend voip solution?


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Non-technical is not quite right but they aren't into the details of PCs and setup so thinking the VOIP BYOD solutions like using an OBI box may be difficult for them. They are looking for more plug and play solutions like magic jack, ooma, etc. What's a good one that is fairly easy to set up?
Ooma. Personally here not using it as a firewall. Wan port on Ooma box is plugged in to LAN at home. Did configure ports on firewall for use of Ooma.

Ooma Box ==> Wan port ==> LAN
No connections to Ooma LAN port except for initial configuration with a laptop.

Wan firewall rules are:

Ooma inbound UDP 1194
Switched inbound OpenVPN to 1195
Ooma UDP inbound ports 49000-50000
While I didn't choose Ooma myself way back in the day because it was propriety (I choose an Obi device because it works with lots of different service providers), I have to admit that Ooma has lasted the test of time. Plus, I've never really seen anything negative about Ooma. People that have it seem to like it and it works as expected.

At this point I would not hesitate to use Ooma in a situation like the OP described (wanting as close to plug and play as possible).