See Z-Wave "live status" support


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Some Z-Wave products have started shipping on the market which feature, for lack of a better term, "live status." These products can automatically send certain status information without having to be polled.

There are currently two devices that do this:
1. The ACT ZTT000 thermostat
2. The ACT PIR sensor

In the case of the first, we have even built a sample application using the new Z-Wave PC SDK. This sample will work with existing USB and RS232 Z-Wave controllers. With the check of one box, the user gets "instant" status updates whenever the MODE or FAN MODE buttons are pressed on the thermostat. It's pretty cool to watch.

Here's the thread: (look down to the bottom)

In the case of the latter, someone should probably build a sample for that. :) It's definitely supported in the new v1.1 SDK.

From what I understand, a number of new products coming to market are going to feature this functionality. And of course, thanks to Z-Wave, it is possible to route this information over all devices, both past and future.

Q1 2006 will bring a lot of new Z-Wave products to market (many of which were being shown at EHX this last week). This is going to be really fun.