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Hey folks,

I was looking for the name and maybe a link to the signal strength meters the cable company uses to diagnosis your line. I have a problematic situation where I can't use amplified splitters on my digital cable line and it's driving me crazy (as well as costing me money trying a crap load of different splitters.) I have a feeling the meters are pretty expensive, but if I know the proper name for them I could see if one of the wiring companies locally would rent me one. They are the ones that report up/down signal strength in dB's.




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When I was setting up the cable at my sisters place, the tech just used the cable box itself. I guess there are diagnostics built in the firmware. Maybe if you can figure out the installer mode, you can use that. I did it after I got my inside lines in place and checked the signal that way. And its FREE!


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I had the same problem, but our local cable company (Time Warner) came out, did all the testing, and installed the right splitters/boosters, all for free. I will be relocating a lot of the equipment soon, so I will call them again and have them reterminate some of the wire and balance everything (they said I can call them anytime).


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Steve, thanks for the idea. I'll see if my box has one.

Electron, I've tried to talk with my cable company, but it's like talking to a Alzheimer's patient speaking Russian. They don't understand me half the time, and when they do, they promptly forget the next time I call. It's pretty frustrating dealing with them.

The problem I'm having is I have a DVR through the cable company and whenever I hook up a powered splitter I lose the ability to get VOD and channel guide. I though, humm, it must be an upstream thing. But I've tried 2 different bidirectional splitters and also my cable modem is not affected when the DVR loses its schedule (the modem uses an upstream channel also). I can use passive splitters, but much past a 1x2 the signal strength is so low the TV picture looks like crap. Ugh.