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Simple Automation for my Home Theater or Light Control via my Android


Hello friends
My name is Sammy and I am from India. Around two years back I designed and installed a dedicated Home Theater on my Terrace with the help of FM @ AVS and HiFi Vision. The pics and how my HT looks can be seen here
This is a very basic HT with all Polk system and all manual Lights control. I cannot even control them via mobile or something. It all via manual switches. But the sound rocks .. :) Anyway
Now its been 2 year, I have been using my HT and I would like to do some very very basic Automation. Infact if Automation turns out to be too expensive I will settle with something that would give me the control to all my lights and AC via my Android Mobile. Below is what I need preference wise.
1. Need to control all my lights and AC with my Android. ::: Now the few info that I have, is that this can be done via z-wave, and before anyone can suggest that how this can also be achieved by something better than z-wave, my friend had an unused z-wave hub/controller that he is has given it to me. Below is what i have ...
I only have the controller, so please can you tell me what all I need to purchase in order to utilize this to control my lights and AC from my Android. 
Below is the light I have 


All lights are <5Watt
The AC is 1500Watt
2. When this is achieved (be able to control my lights from Android), next step is to automate it, like when the movie starts, the lights should slowly dim and then go out, when the movie is paused, the lights should come up but only at 50% intensity, and when movies is stopped, the lights should come up fully, automatically.
I am using a C2D based HTPC running Kodi that is reading data/movies from my Synology NAS.
HOW can we achieve this with z-wave, possible??? 
Please assist me on this. I am not an expert but can drill into complex installations
Really appreciate if the gurus can assist this noob or point him in the right direction.


Senior Member
ISY994iZ could offer remote control from an Android app as well as automation built in.

For simple remote control a Zwave controller and zwave modules may not require any hub or automation.

Insteon will do this as well without any hub or automation.