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Smarthome Controlinc Maxi released


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I believe this just became available. I did a search to try and buy it a few weeks ago, and I could not find it then. I was looking for something to spend my $25 amazon.com certificate on and this might be it.




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I just got an email featuring this device from SmartHome. It's a very impressive, affordable alternative to a touchscreen for places where you only need control of up to 10 devices, events, and/or scenes.

When's automated outlet gonna start carrying these?


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Am I the only person on the planet that can't remember all of my x-10 addresses off the top of my head? :) Seems like that would be necessary for this to work.


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You only need to know the address when you program it. Once you program a button for, say P13, that button will always operate P13.

You can program the buttons as pairs, so the top button of a pair gives a P13ON and the bottom a P13OFF, for example.


You can program buttons individually, where each button sends a unique address (10 total) and you then use the on/off/dim/brigh buttons at the bottom to control the device (which is how I'll use it).

You can also make the buttons trigger scenes on scene-capable devices, or events in HS or other software that can respond to an X10 command.