Smarthome Manager V2 with INSTEON


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I haven't seen anyone else point this out, but on the page for the INSTEON POWERLINC CONTROLLER USB it states, "Smarthome Manager V2 with INSTEON support coming in September."

Looking forward to this so I am able to download timers and macros to my Powerlinc V2 for computer-free automation of my Insteon modules (so far 5 Switchlinc V2's, 3 Lamplinc V2's and one Applicancelinc V2).
Looking forward to this release as well, it will be nice to finally take advantage of the PL V2.

Quite a few HA software vendors have vowed to support INSTEON this fall as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. :rolleyes:
Especially looking forward to being able to program additional scenes in all my Insteon switches and modules from my PC. Doing it with the Maxi controller is just tedious. :p