Smoke detector wall mount?


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I am mounting my ESL wired 449CSTE smoke detector on the wall rather than the ceiling. Does it make any difference which way is up? There is an arrow on the circuit board and when I position the sensor with the arrow up, the slats on half of the cover are vertical on the left. I can mount it that way or have the slats on the top or the bottom.
I don't know about orientation but there are a whole bunch of rules about distance from the ceiling, distance from a corner, etc. Be sure to look those over before you finalize your mounting location!
The information I read, was do not put in a corner, and keep it at least 4 inches from the ceiling (there are dead spots apparently). This was from recommendations from System Sensor. Since you are using a detector from ESL, I am sure they have mounting recommendations for their hardware as well (if it makes a difference I'm not sure).
The instructions that came with the detector give various guidelines as to distance to ceiling, etc. but simply do not all mention if the orientation of the detector on the wall is important. I suspect that the arrow on the circuit board is a clue - but I am not sure. The slats on the cover only occupy one half of the cover. So, do the slats run vertical or horizontal? That is the question! Or does it not matter.
If smoke rises shouldn't the slats be oriented to allow it to pass through the detector vertically?
That is exactly what I am thinking and the slats will be vertical if I orient it as the arrow on the circuit board points.
I solved the problem with the wall mount. I am using a wireless smoke detector on the ceiling and will move the wired smoke detector to the basement. Only question now is which way does the ceiling mount go - slats running north-south or east-west? Why can't things be simple?
Send an email to the company. I did that when I had a few questions with System Sensor. I tried this twice, first time I got the answer I needed, second time I followed up once or twice but never got a response (but resolved my issue later).

Worth a shot.