SMS from M1


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Dont have an M1 yet, so excuse the question if it is simple or obvious.

Is it possible to get a GSM modem for the M1 to send out SMS on events, and similarly trigger actions upon receipt of a specifically structured message.

if so how would it be connected
I know it's cheating, but couldn't you use the Elk Outputs, CQC triggers, and the CQC SMS driver to get this done?
Yes that is an option

My preference is to keep it all "in-house" so to speak. If there is an alarm condition I don't not want to rely on CQC to send the SMS, that introduces a new set of failure modes to the equation and will allow for a greater chance of the message failing to be sent.

There may be limitations as well in the comms between the two that could prevent some scenarios.

But I dont want it limited to just SMS. Whatever functions are available at the moment by phone I would want via a "mobile phone connection".