SMS gateway for Cricket wireless?


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Does anyone know if Cricket has a gateway for text messages? I found somewhere on the net that said that [email protected] was it but it doesn't work. I tried switching .net to .com and it didn't kick it back as undeliverable but it also didn't show up on my phone.
Unfortunately most of those are being shut off because the only one to uses them is SPAMMERs.
I can understand the issue of abuse but I like to send texts for notifications from some of my stuff because I see texts faster than emails. Emails sometimes take a while. Maybe I should get a new email provider - that's a different discussion...
I'm sure if you try, you can find services that can send SMS messages via email, or web pages, or a million other things. If you gave a Google phone number, Google makes it easy to send them.
I'm a HomeSeer user and ran into this issue. I now use Pushover to send notifications to our cell phones. HomeSeer has a plugin for this, which makes it easy to send notifications with events.

If you aren't using HomeSeer, Pushover also offers an email that you can setup that, when sent, will also deliver the pushed message to your cell.

The messages don't show as a text, but rather a notification and you can also setup a variety of sounds with various messages. You might want to look into this as an alternative to sending texts via email.