So Sorry

AutomatedOutlet said:
Hehe, guess you had to be on the chat last night to get this one!
What are the Hardware/Software Requirements for CHAT :) ?

I searched around, but found nothing so I clicked on CHAT, waited the "eternity" for the javascript to execute and then had the new window open. ~10 Members were logged in, but nothing was happening.

I ask because I'm typing right now (and most of the time) on an "antique" Toshiba 550CDT laptop (266MHz Pentium, 96MB RAM, 4MB HD) which sits upstairs in my HEATED den. All my (high-power) desktops are downstairs in my UNHEATED basement (where I start up a few 1500-Watt electric [aka $$$] heaters when I plan to spend any extended period of time there).
You need to have the JAVA engine installed (which can be downloaded from I believe). It might be easier to just download mIRC which is a windows based application, which is much faster than any JAVA client. You can get it at