Solar sensor, A-D voltage very low


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I've recently bought the 3 in 1 solar/humidity/temp board. It runs fine except I'm not happy with the solar sensors voltage.

Is it normal that the solar sensors ouput is not higher than approx 0.03 Volt .

I did some calculations to determine the current trough the CLD140. It will be approx.
76 µA, what is a very very little current.

What are normal readings on a sunny day ?

I also discovered a big temp difference between the boards temperature sensor and that of an external one. It will be about 2°C difference.

The humidity sensor works excellent.

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David Thijs

In bright sunlight you should get a reading (using the OneWireViewer) of around -.250. Notice the negative sign, it will read negative because of the way the circuit is designed and is not a problem. I noticed that you bought a kit, make sure that you have installed the sensor correctly.

I have lately noticed that the DS18S20s readings are not as close together as they used to be. You can get a difference between two DS18S20s of 1°C because their accuracy is only .5°C but lately 2°C is not out of the ordinary.

Let me know if this helped and if you have any other questions.