Solar Sensor (please explain me)



I buy from Clairex CLD140 and make the same circuit what is on site <_< And now ? How to calibrate and what i can make ? Only make graph for intensity for solar radiation .. I want to ask ( may be is stupid question, but i want to ask )
First i want to ask .. What is maximum voltage for max solar radiation, and what is for minimum? Because i want make (may be sounds stupid, but i want to make) when have max solar radiation one icon show Big Sun
, when is particulary cloudy show
and if can for more i will make more icons .. :)

What said for my idea? I use w1retap software for reading my sensor. HERE can see data from my meteo station :) Part of text is writen on Bulgarian language(sorry for that) , but i will make two pages :) One in bulgarian and one in English version :)

That's for now !

Thanks in advance :)

Regards Misho
On a sunny day put the sensor in the sun. record the voltage, wait till a cloudy day and record the voltage. Use a voltage just below that of the sunny day for that symbol vice versa.

Hope that is simple enough ;)

Thank's for idea ;) I will mount sensor and start to measure voltage :) What u say one or two sensor mount ?

Sorry !!!

Now i will explain what i think ! I want put two sensors with two differents PCB, for precision ? Good idea or not? Because if i want show more of two icons may be need or not ? I never use this sensor and ... If can explain me more please ... ;)

Sorry for my bad english !