Some Ocellot Questions/Comments


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Hi Guys

I have noticed a lot of you appear to use the Ocelot as your HA Controller ...and after viewing the Worthington site im not surprized....It seems to sell for around $200 US whereas here in Oz it sells for $400.00 AUS (approx $300.0 US) ....Gee im Envious:)
I use Homevision myself but was thinking that maybe some Ocelot Users might be interested integrating my FirM IR Transport system with their Ocelot...??

If there was some interest in this i would consider purchasing an Ocelot from the states ( providing its the same unit purchased in Oz..refering to firmware etc as we use 50hz for mains freq)??? or if not send a beta tester some free kit to test out and do a wee Review..???

Some advantages of using my FirM Hardware is firstly its a cat5 based system so its all plug and play.....It has 8 zones for TX IR ....( not as many as the Ocelot tx unit i know) can control Zoned Equipment either in each zone or at your node 0
BUT is also has 8 RX Zones ......It has the ability to report via i/o pins which RX zone a signal is currently being sent from which is very handy indeed.....I use this feature myself to control my CBUS Hardwired lighting system using a simple 6 button remote......

I would imagine this would only interest people who have the Ocelot and the Ocelot I/O Module (FirM requires connection to the Ocelot via 4 outputs + 3 Inputs ...all are opto isolated) and not interest people who currently have the 16 channel ir tx unit as they would probably currently use xantech for rxing......
The ir received and Tx,ed would be controlled exclusively by the Ocelot ..

Look her if interested in the FirM Hardware...

Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.......

Hi Guys

I take it that from the lack of any response that this of no use to anyone..??

Do Ocelot Users use other hardware for Zone Rx Identiification ..???