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Guys, just ran across this on and thought I would share it. I have seen many threads here and there about making lyrics available when a song is playing. This is a WInamp or Windows Media plugin, that retreives the lyrics VERY fast! When I double click a song, the lyrics are displayed in a window almost before the songs starts playing fast :)


I posted a request to have a file/ini or whatever saved locally, once the lyrics are obtained for a song, so it could be available for offline use as well (Can you say "CarPC" )

If you guys could add a post n that thread on the forums requesting, it may get enough attention for him to implement the feature. NO registration is required to post in the forum.
May not be as fast, but have you played with lyrics in J. Rivers Media Center? It caches them in the files and dislays in whatever skin accomodates it.

Not as common of a player as Winamp or WMP but it accomodates tens of thousands of tracks better, IMNSHO.
this plugin is great. I installed it both at home and at work right after you posted it, and after having it for several days, I've only got 2 songs it didn't get lyrics for.

3 Inches of Blood - Goatrider's Horde
(HED)P.E. - Swan Dive

I'm guessing that the latter is because there are many different ways that the name is written, but no idea on the former. This is after listening to probably several hundred songs, so I'm impressed. I will be posting to see if they can have it cache the lyrics.
If you gonna post, request that they add it to ID3 Tags. That would be a better way to go, and didn't think of it till later.
Agreed! That's the outcome I'd be most interested it. I'd love a tool that culls the whole library and ID3s the lyrics faster and better than the current stuff I'm using.

Now if I can just figure how to get those lyrics into ML... :D
I'm having the same problem, not with MainLobby, but with my CarPC skin. At the press of a button on the screen, to do a pop-up window with the lyrics displayed. Also an indicator on the screen would be nice, to determine if the song actually contains lyrics or not.... Projects....projects....projects....

If anyone is interested, I just finished my first Skin for "Road Runner", a CarPC Front end. You can have a look at all the Screen Captures Here.

Excellent work on the RoadRunner screens.

Very impressive graphics, and that RoadRunner is free correct??

How hard would it be to interface with HomeSeer devices? Would you be able to change a color of a button or display a different jpg graphic based on a device's status? Looks the same as touch screen interface software that costs a whole lot more!

If so, I'm in.


Yes, Road Runner is ABSOLUTELY FREE and actually I have seen a bit of talk on the HA ideas in their forums. BSR, You asked for it.... so here comes one LENGTHY post! See, I have also given some serious though into this, thus, why I come across as a bit overzealous with this post :D

I just want to completely finish the CarPC and custom skin before tackling another project. This has also been a great way to learn how everything works, to use later when doing the HA stuff.

Road Runner is a PRIME caidate for HA control. It has all if not more features that I have seen in many HA touchscreen apps. Show me another HA front end, designed for touchscreens that can embed an application, video clip, Television, or anything else for that matter in any size, combination and anywhere on the screen.

The main features include:

- FULL WYSIWYG Editor for creating the skins.
Basically draw anything you want in any paint program of your choice, load that in the editor, and add the defined area with the editor by dragging a box around the area you want to be a button, lable, indicator ect ect

- Able to launch external programs and pass variables to them, as well as send info back to Road Runner
- Road runner can create variables, global variables, and save info to an ini file for later recall
- Place lables anywhere you want (Like Artist, Album, Date, Tracktime and hundreds of others)
- Full Media support such as MP3, DVD, Video(Anything you can play on the PC it can handle through the interface), TV tuners, Satellite Radio, AM/FM Radio ect
- "Indicators" to determine the status of a device (Phone connected, Mute indicator, Sat Radio strength ect)
- Cell Phone integration with PHOCO and Bluetooth (With FULL features such as placing & receiving calls, Pop-Up displays incomming caller number, name and optionally a photo, displaying signal strength, messages waiting, full SMS sending receiving ect ect..)
- Can embed flash/swf applications and effects
- many effect when switching screens such as fading/wiping ect
- Embeded web browser
- Supports virtually unlimited resolutions... (1920 x 1080 is NO problem) and is 100% scalable by defining what resolution you want it to display as in the ini
- Built in Photo viewer
- Built in Weather capabilities
- Built in CD-Ripper with CDDB support and tagging of files
- buttons can have different functions when pressed once, twice, 3 times, held ect
- Logic capabilities (Relating to HA for instance, if light is on when button is pressed, then do this, if not do that)
- Voice recognition plugins available
- Screen gesture's (I have mine when I touch the screen and drag dirrectly to the right, it goes to the next song for instance. Can get much more complicated, such as drawing an "M" with your finger on the screen, to jump to the media skin ect)
- Built in Text To speech using the systems default voice (Can be set to read anything, or to say something when a button is pressed. For instance, touch the weather button and it says "Displaying Current weather information")
- Touch screen sliders for video playback, volume control ect

OHhhhh!! Did I mention that Road Runner supports Girder commands directly :) :)

I am sure I probably missed about a hundred things here, but it certainly gives you an idea of the major power this free app has under the hood!

Another great plus, is the author, Guino, is VERY active in the forums, and LISTENS to what people want, and does updated 1-2 times a month, PLUS it is OPEN SOURCE, so many times people add stuff, and it gets included in the official releases.

One of the great parts is there are no "individual" buttons and graphics. It works with 3 screen sized graphics. One for the OFF, ON and DOWN states. This lets you design a custom screen with NO restraints of button sizes, locations, overlaping, allignment ect normally associated with using individual graphic "components" to design a screen.

The 3 screens are pretty simple:
Off is the standard screen, Down(Like a rollover when a button is clicked/pressed), and on that show's and indicator such as mute status.

On top of that are the indicators. Indicators are placed on the ON skin, and then masked. So when the OFF skin is showing, and an indicator is then ON it "unmasks" that area to show the area of the ON skin. Hope this makes sence.

The other FANTASTIC part, as far as HA is concerned, is multiple monitor support. So you could have a 7" touchscreen to browse video's ect, and send them to another monitor TV ect.

The only major drawback, would be customized scheduling, if/then/else ect. BUT with a backend like Home Seer, commands could easily be sent back and forth through Girder or dirrectly in many cases.

If anyone is interested, just download Road Runner and give it a try. It's free, and comes with a basic skin to control media, launch aplications and many other built in features. They have a fantastic support forum that rivals this one, and Home Seers.

The Forum can be Found Here, and the Road Runner and MANY MANY skins can be FOUND HERE.
This sounds great, though learning Girder will be a chore.

I would love to do a How-To on interfacing this with HomeSeer. Can I get some volunteers to help me with the Girder interface??

Thanks for all the above info John!
I am not familiar with Girder, so I really can't help there. I just played with it a long time ago for a little bit, trying to do something I can't even remeber what it was ;)

On the other hand, HS & Road Runner can both send and receive commands dirrectly, so Girder may not actually be neccessary, I'm not sure. BUT Girder would allow direct control of an Ocelot ect.

Also, I havent used it in a long time, but there is a stand alone x10.exe command line program or something that was on HS's site a long time ago. It allowed sending commands and in turn would send them along to a CM11a. This would give minimal control of lights on/off/dim directly from Road Runner. Knowing status, timing events, triggering events ect, would take Home Seer intervention ect. This also does not cover ANY other interface other than X10.

If there is anything I can help with on the Road Runner front, let me know. I have become pretty familiar with it's working, skins ect. I could even PhotoShop up a few lighting control test screens to play with ect. Once nice thing also is when you create the skin graphics, you do not need to put the text on the graphics themselved. You can place them as a lable over the button in the Road Runner Skin editor. This would make changing a button from "Kitchen Lights" to "Diningroom Lights" a matter of just editing the text in the skin editor.
JohnWPB said:
On the other hand, HS & Road Runner can both send and receive commands dirrectly, so Girder may not actually be neccessary, I'm not sure.

If there is anything I can help with on the Road Runner front, let me know.
Hey John;

Thanks for all the above info! This sounds exciting!

Your statement above, do you or would you know where I could find more info on how Road Runner and HomeSeer would send commands without Girder?

I really wouldn't use Road Runner to "control" any hardware directly, would just want it to send commands and receive status of HomeSeer devices and events.

May take you up on your generous offer when I get more time (current job requirements taking up way to much of my play time right now ;) ).

Thanks as always,

I prolly don't wanna know why you want lyrics in your car..
Glad you're far from where I drive!

;) Where exactly DO you drive? I could supprise you hahah!

I just actually got back from a lengthy road trip. I took some time off a little over a week ago, and got back on Sunday. I left Florida, went over to Texas, up through Tenessee, down through Georgia and back home. No particular reason, other than I did stop in Arkansas for a day, where I grew up. Was just a nice change of pace, and never really did a road trip like that before.

BSR: Hmmmm it has been quite a while since I have tried to interface anything with HS. I will have to do a little research. Since I did all my pages in ASP, HS control has been easy for me from any web browser on any device, and havent touched it in quite a long time, except to update/add/remove a particular device ect.

Does anyone else know an easy way to send & receive commands with Home Seer? API, com ect? (I really don't know much about this stuff :D There have to be some sort of "ties" into HS, as I beleive many people use Girder to communicate with HS ect. Any Ideas?
gregoryx said:
I prolly don't wanna know why you want lyrics in your car.. ;)
Hey, I would like this capability in the shower so I don't have to stop singing in the middle of a song ... oh wait, that's probably more information than one needs to know ... :D
Cinemar just added a free add on to MusicLobby 3 that does a lyric lookup when a song changes in MusicLobby 3. It is called "MLLyric". It populates a MainLobby Server 3 variable with the lyric so that you can build your own UI presentation for it (very flexible).