Squintz is Ruppish


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Squintz, you are one posting fool! I was just checking the number of posts various folks have (was surprised to see myself near the top, but I've been here a while) and you are posting like a machine! I wouldn't be surprised if you surpass the great and powerful Electron in 2-3 months....

And thanks for all the Z-wave edumacation you've been providing for us all!
I'm only on a roll right now because i am new. Im usually the type that sits back and watches all the fun but home automation requires you to be involved if you want to learn. There is no way i would know anything about HomeSeer or z-wave without Actually buying the software and z-wave kit and asking questions about it.

There is one request that i would like to make. When posting please keep in mind that the members who are most attracted to this site are "NEWBIES" They are attracted by the great How-To's that the site provides. I ask everyone to please explain their original post in much detail. Instead of saying "cm11a does not work please help" and then everyone after that simply says. Install a coupler repeater or check your ports. When we do this that pretty much make the post useless to the new guys. First explain what a CM11A is how its supposed to work and then why you think its not working.

I know that not everyone can do this because they may not know much about the device or equipment in question but please atleast try. I would like to be able to read every post on this board and understand what you are talking about.