Suitable Electronic Door Lock Technologies for Residential Exterior Doors?


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If you have missed anything it will be in one of these 2 articles:
The thing about residential homes is that building ordinances are going to vary depending on where you are building.  Some places have some wacky building codes.  For me I would want fail-safe all the way.  No one is going to cut my power to get into my home, and if they are going to...well I will need them in the house in order to legally take the measures required when someone is so hell bent on attacking you.  I personally don't go in for the electric stuff in my home, I am curious why you want this on a house.  Offices and labs I understand, but I think putting this stuff on your doors at home is a little silly.  What happens when they go through the window?  Does your house not have windows?  Sorry getting off topic... the point is that when it comes to home security it is all about layers and obscurity.  Get a lock that is not common in your country or region.  Get a solid door.  And take window protection into account.
Those are my thoughts let me know if that helped.


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I didn't get an electronic lock for "security" reasons... my priority was not to keep people out, but rather a more convenient lock for me. I no longer have to carry a key to my home with me... and thus no key to lose. If I want to provide someone with access to my home, I don't have to provide them with a key. I don't even have to provide them with an access code - I can tell them to contact me when they are at my door, I can log into my security camera system to verify, and I can unlock the door remotely - and not via some "cloud" system that a bored admin can access and unlock either.