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With the complete ending of any support, looks like it might be time to replace. Yeah, it might last awhile longer, but time for me to start planning Should I just move to Elk? What other options should I consider? Elk would likely be the easiest as I could use all of my current wireless sensors (319.5 MHz). They have their new Alarm Engine, but it doesn’t support Lutron Radio RA2 or RA3. Maybe change my thinking and just get a new security system and let the integration occur elsewhere. Thanks for any suggestions.
My system has over 100 wired inputs and just a hand full of wireless. The only viable solution I have found for all of these wired devices is Elk. However, changing out the system would require many dozen hours of wiring and programming. Therefore, my strategy has been to buy a stock of replacement parts to keep my Omni going as long as possible. I have lost a couple remote boards due to lightning, and a couple of keypads over the past 8 years. I have improved my lightning protection and hope to keep it running for many years.
I only have a couple of wired zones which could be easily switched to wireless. Elk M1 just seems as old as OP2, but at least still supported. My base requirement is integration with Lutron lighting. Also using my current sensors would be great and save a lot of time and cost. Looks like Alarm.com stuff could be used. The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 integrates with Lutron (via Alarm.com) and provides support for my 319.5 sensors, but not sure want to go down that path. It would be a fast swap to that if needed.
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Replaced everything with the Qolsys IQ panel 4 and Alarm.com (ADC). Also have a secondary panel for our bedroom. Cost $22/month which includes professional monitoring (includes cell service with dual path). Leaving my OP2 in place to handle some things as I continue to migrate. Simplified a lot of my automation as it has built up over the years as there were things really not needed. Using HomeSeer for some local lighting automation (not covered well by ADC) as well as other Lutron RA2 features which I did not use before. Integrated my Garage Door Controls, Thermostat, Irrigation, Locks, Sonos and more directly into ADC. Some cool new features that I didn’t have before include smart arming and bluetooth integration. When you come home, your phone connects to the panel and automatically disarms the system. Smart disarms my system if after 5 am (on stay) and motion is detected (could have done this with OP2, but didn’t think about it lol). Still learning. Certainly the system has some limitations especially the cloud control of devices, but they always can be operated manually and/or with a separate app. Not an issue yet, but this does add a slight delay. OP2 was much more powerful especially with automation, so had to scale back a bit. Trade-offs!
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I have a ton of UPB-controlled lighting. Seems like that's falling out of favor too; PCS seems to be the only manufacturer remaining that still makes UPB devices, and they're expensive. It seems like if I have to replace the OP2, I'll end up having to integrate a system myself, with an Elk and something to control the UPB. Or else I have to replace all of the UPB ($$$), and I don't know how much I trust Z-Wave.
Yeah, I switched from Zwave to Lutron which was quite the expense, but has been so reliable. I think many of my Zwave issues could be traced to the ancient VRC0P interface to the OP2 and the Leviton Zwave software (for my large number of devices). Still have a couple of locks and they interfaced nicely with the new system. My issue with Elk is that it seems like an older architecture with things bolted on as needed. But at least fully supported. Wanted something that had better DIY support model (outside of myself). Used Surety and they have been great. Highly recommend.
Here in Sandbox house #2 went to using the Ring Alarm stuff. The Ring hub speaks ZWave. I am managing it from house #1 via the cloud. Also using modded WiFi Tasmota devices (temperature, light switches et al) and Amazon devices in every room of the house.

Recently add a few Amcrest PTZ cameras and Tasmota wireless combo humidity / temperature sensors.

Can also manage TV, DirectTV box and Media player remotely from house #1.

The Ring hub is POE wired to the network with fail over to cellular at around $8 a month. Manage the system via HA versus my phone.

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That systems looks good, but can you associate any wired hardware input/output with it? Seems any sensor interface has to be wireless.
You have to add something like this:

I purchased one for my garage zone wiring, but haven’t installed yet….