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Toilet Paper Poll

Do you Ball or Fold your toilet paper?

  • I Fold my wife Balls

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  • I Ball my wife Folds

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  • We both Ball

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  • We both Fold

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  • I Fold but don't have a significant other

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  • I Ball but don't have a signigicant other

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  • Other (Please Explain)

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DavidL said:
With this automation crowd, I am suprised no one is using one of the automated toilets that are getting popular in Japan.
I have family in Japan through marriage and my Japanese Grandparents got one of those a couple of years back. Pretty funny to see this toilet with buttons and a little LCD screen in a house that's nearly 100 years old with no heat insulation and exposed cloth insulated wiring.

Nearly got one myself for my new condo (they sell a toilet seat with some of the same functions) but unfortunatly there's no outlets behind my toilets. :(

And JB, you raise a good point with cats + over the top being bad. I guess you and your ilk have a pass but the rest of you are banished.


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Ok, I missed some important info, I guess. First, it is over the top, and yes I have a cat that doesn't touch the stuff. I grew up with cats and never had a problem with them using the TP as a playtoy.

Did I mention I like single ply (Scott's) better than any two-ply? And what's with the quilted and such? With an inadvertent splash the second the TP hits the mark, your fingers are through it... with the single-ply, I don't have that problem. I wonder if there are any two-ply's that are stronger than a single ply? Maybe I've just got a tough butt that doesn't have to be pampered!

And how about this: why is it that I'm the only one who can change the roll? Is it too difficult for other members of my household to push the spring-loaded axle and take off the empty tube and replace the roll? I mean, c'mon, aren't they just sitting there with nothing to occupy their hands and minds at the moment? Apparently they are too busy with something else to bother putting the new role on properly...

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but there is just something unnatural about spraying your butt with water, but I'm not too old to try it out if I happen to find a bidet somewhere. I don't stay in THOSE kind of hotels... ;-)

BTW, if you like this kind of humor, told with a Maine accent (AYUH!), try Joe Perham's "That Wonderful Old Two-Holer" tape/CD - it'll split your gut! It's where I finally learned what BS, MS, and PhD really meant (ref. http://www.mainehumor.com/jp3.htm).



zack said:
what kind of freak hangs it backwards. :(

I know right. I'm known to change the direction of toilet paper in peoples houses should it be facing the wrong direction. :ph34r:


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"I only use three sheets, wipe up, wipe down, and one to buff"
Food Service Dispenser Technician 3rd Class
Aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf
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I don't know what's worse... the thought of automating toilet paper folding or this thread. :(