Toolkit for RG6 & Cat5 trimming and Lable Printer


Hello All,

I finally moved into my new house and need some advise to buy the following tool kits. Can you please recomments something-

1. Tool Kit for RG6 trimming
2. Tool Kit for Cat5 trimming
3. Toner to sort out the trimmed/untrimmed Cat5/RG6
4. Lable Printer
5. Any other tool that I may need for trimming/testing etc..

Ideally I would like to buy a kit instead of seperate Tools.

1. For RG6 ends, I would suggest the DataSharkTools compression crimper for $17 from HomeDepot. It only does F connectors, but for my needs it was cheaper to add F-to-RCA or F-to-BNC adapters than to spend $50 or more for a tool that did multiple ends. The compression crimp is vastly superior to a hex crimp or a screw on fitting.

2. for Cat5 ends, I would suggest the EZ-RJ45 ends and maybe the official tool. I got mine at with a coupon and free shipping, but it actually came from SmartHome.

3. I am fairly happy with the toner I got from HomeDepot. It is red and I think it was from Progressive Electronics. The tip is replaceable, which seems to produce more snaps crackles & pops then I would like when running the probe over a rough surface, like a textured ceiling.

4. I like my Brother label printer, but I don't mark many cables with it. I write on the cable with an ultra fine sharpie or I use a tie-wrap with a flag for writing on.

5. Get a non contact voltage tester, $10-20 as I recall. Mine is yellow, I forget the brand, from HomeDepot. It beeps and flashes when the tip is near 110VAC. Much quicker & easier to use than a typical meter and much safer than guessing. Although you will probably still want a simple volt meter and ohm meter for some absolute tests.

In my area, Home Depot has a pretty good selection of datacomm wire & tools, Lowes has very little, YMMV.
I don't think you will find a kit that does a good job in all the areas you need. Most kits have 1 or 2 good items and a lot of lesser quality filler stuff. You will probably need to shop individually for the "best of breed" for each tool you want.
Thank you Mr Wayne and Mr Mike. You advise was very helpful. I bought all the items as recommened by you. Bought all seperate items.

Thanks Mr Brian, this Label Printer is the perfect solution for me...Will buy it next week. (Counting all Christmas Gift Cards :)
90% agreement with everything above. You've already bought everything, but I'll answer anyway for the NEXT time someone asks this question. :)

1. I use a Cable-Pro unit. You put a connector on with it, and you can literally hang from the connector. It also only does F connectors, and is ~$90, so the Datashark bundle is probably a better fit for you since you're looking for limited use.

2, 3. 100% agreement.

4. 100% agreement on the Rhino. I've used a Brother printer in the past, and the labels have a tendency to fall off the wire, where the Rhino's won't. If you've already got a Brother though, you're not out of luck. Just put the label on, then wrap a piece of 3" transparent packing tape around the wire so the label is completely covered.

5. Agreed, but this is an item were a kit will do you better. The kit I got (from HD IIRC) includes the non-contact voltage tester, plus a telephone line tester, plus a electrical jack tester (correct wiring and GFI), plus a stud detector. All for $20.