TTS featues


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Since I have never used another HA app, I am curious about the functionality of packages like HAL that are dedicated to it and also HS, PH, etc.

I just put out a 1 minute demo of my TTS and am curious how it compares to others. Also looking for feedback on what types features people would like to have with TTS. I basically added: Changing Voices, Volume, Rate, Output Mode (44/mono, etc) and the ability to mix wav files in with the TTS... Not sure what else there is.

Anyways, it is only a minute or so, so please check it out. (yes I talk too much in it too =)

Oh, BTW, the speaker client can run on every pc in the house to work as distributed audio, identical features are also available in an AB8SS client. The two can work together so PCs can fill in the gaps where the AB8SS is not running, etc...


TTS Demo