TV Lift Kits

OK, guys, should I carry these?

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  • I don't get it, why would anyone need one?

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Personally, I love those things and living in a small place it would be sweet to have one of those inside of a usable bench.

Having said that, I can't say that I see myself owning one any time soon.

Still, they make for a hell of a wow factor.
I know someone who used one of these to put it in a piece of furniture at the foot of their bed. It raised a tube TV when they wanted to watch. It was real nice, but I think it is easier to mount lcd's or plasma's to the wall these days.

Of course there are those who want things in sight only when using them.
I voted no interesting, but think it would be a neat item for you to offer - especially in the manufacturer will drop ship it and you don't have to maintain any inventory yourself, since I don't think it'll be something you'll sell in volume.

Although I can see members of this board buying them and hacking them for other uses, though I can't hink of any at the moment, but you know it's bound to happen. :blink:
For some reason I have this Austin Powers scene in my head where the strippers come out of the floor while blasting some good 70's music :blink: Would be a good use for sure, just a low WAF :angry:

I like these kits, I have looked at them before, if it doesn't cost you to sell them, I would definitely offer them online, just look at how many cocooners are going through the building phase right now, plenty of potential customers ;)
Keep in mind that Best Buy also carries powered TV mounts (of a different flavor). The omnimount that I bought from them was also serially controlable.
What's the cost of some of these units? If it's ultra-high-end, I'd skip it.

But if 'reasonable', and you don't need to stock, then what's the drawback?
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