Ultimate Jandy Pool/Spa Interface


If you don't mind me asking what programming language and hardware are you using? I've done something like this in the past for work using C# where I read in a serial interface, converted it, and sent it back out. I don't have a pool, but might be interested in building something to interface my 1-wire devices into the HAI controller.
To answer micsaudio, there are a few of these currently installed, but it's not being made as a production unit. It's been running flawless and does a very nice job. However, it's really just a beta product (there's no case for the board and some circuits are hand soldered). One of the current limitations is that your system must not have Zwave installed. Since my interface emulates a VRC0P and the associated ZWave devices (switches & thermostats), I have not set it up to work with existing Zwave systems. This is something I've wanted to do, but I'd need to move to a different microprocessor in order to get 3 buffered com ports and the Zwave communication to the real VRC0P would have to be routed through the board (to filter the Zwave traffic).

An additional part that has to be done is to create a user config app that you can make your own Zwave to Jandy mappings to store in the flash memory of the interface. I have a set of default mappings for all the Jandy devices and temps to Zwave ID's, but you really need to be able to do custom mappings for your "Rooms" in HAI. If you look back at my picture in the first post, I created a room for "Pool Control" and one for "Spa Control". If I turn that "Room" on, I wouldn't really want all the devices in the room to go on. Usually, if I wanted to turn on the "Pool Control" room, I really only want the pump & solar heat enabled. For much of my usage, I use HAI buttons labeled "Pool Night", "Spa Night", "Spa Day" and "Pool/Spa Off" which coordinate turning on the individual items for the required mode. This is not a huge deal as long as people knew not to turn the "Room" on but instead turn on only the devices they wanted. I just think it works nicer when you can simply turn on the "Room" and only get a set of default devices turned on. Another custom mapping feature I have is to map a Zwave "unit" to a Zwave "thermostat". This allows you to have the pool/spa heater defined in the "Room" for simple on/off control at your established setpoints, without having to go to the thermostat to turn it on. The thermostat setting already has your setpoint and by simply turning the room unit on or off, I also turn the thermostat on and off (and vice-versa). This just makes the interface more similar to the Jandy way of doing things.

rsw686 - I am using an Atmel ATMega128 micro, but I'm thinking of going to the ATMega2560 for the extra com ports. I currently use 3 com ports on the m128, but the third one is output only for debugging/logging since it is unbuffered. You can use the free Atmel AVR Studio for programming in C, you could get something like Bascom-AVR for programming in Basic or you could even use Arduino (C like) on the Atmels.
Curious if there is an update on this product. I have a client with an HAI system and a Jandy that he would like to integrate.