underwater cell phones

I've had one come back to life after given a couple of days to dry out - with the battery removed. I wouldn't try that trick again if given a choice, of course. :D
I had one that spent a couple months in a snowbank. I took it apart as far as I could and left it dry out for a few days and it still works. The repair guy at the cell phone place said most of the time they work for three or fours days and then something corrodes inside and their junk... he said i got lucky.
If there is no warranty or other option... I have taken them apart and cleaned with alcohol the higher % the better (isopropal alcohol for the phone... the other type for you dropping int in the water...) then let it all dry put the battery back in and hope you got out all the crap (minerals ect...)that could make it corrode...
I would second what Todd said with one caveat.

Be careful with the plastic parts and the alcohol. Some clear plastic windows can become opaque when cleaned with alcohol.
Most phones have a water indicator in them that turns from white to red when they get wet. If the indicator is red, the warrenty is void. I learned this the hard way using my phone in the rain.
The key is to NOT put the battery back in, or to plug it in until you are absolutely sure it is dry. If it is still wet, and you apply power, you can very easily short something out, if it didn't get shorted out in the first place.

Taking the battery cover off, and placing it in a hot dry area is your best bet. I left mine on the stove for a few days on the back right burner (NOT turned on! haha) Thats where the oven vents, and the air is moderately warm, but not hot enough to melt the plastic or anything. Good Luck!
I put mine on the stove to try and get better reception.. and look what happened....


Or was this caused by some guy in Las Vegas using up all the bandwidth....??
Skibum said:
Or was this caused by some guy in Las Vegas using up all the bandwidth....??
Ya know, I did see some smoke the other day near where the cell tower was. Hmmmmm.....

The other thing you might want to do is blast some air from canned air into and around the phone to get any water droplets out.