Unlocking Security Alarm Panels


This is interesting. I ran across THIS website that offers to unlock your alarm security panels that have previously been locked out by an installer (for those of you that have moved into a home with an existing security system installed).

I have no idea of the legitimacy of this place, but thought this may be useful as I've read some posts here in the past were this type of service was needed.
I don't like the disclaimer. I agree that they can't gaurentee it will be functional if it WAS damaged before it was sent in. BUT for those customers that want to use their existing systems when the contract is over with their previous installer and you KNOW the unit is working, with that disclaimer and the statements after, I would be concerned about the situation if it suddenly didn't work. Without knowing more about them or how legit they are, I would be sceptical - but that's my nature.

Edit - but since there was a post that he is legit, that may not be a problem.
If you know your model number and if you're a good googler you can find out how to reset most security panels. Granted you will have to reprogram but it's not that difficult