UPB double-tap to turn off multiple HLC rooms

Frederick C. Wilt said:
When you configure a UPD device to report its light level. HAI normally (if I remember) requests status of all devices in a room whenever it sees a link for that room activated/deactivated. Since HAI is sending the status requests it is prepared to receive the reply. But when a device sends out its status on its own does HAI handle it correctly or does it ignore it? I don't remember exactly.
Yes the HAI controller is always listening to the UPB PIM. If a switch sends out its status the HAI controller will update accordingly. You can also control switches from another PIM and HAI will track the status.
Glad you got it to work
Went back and looked at my system where I am doing this.
I am transmitting the links from US-240 switches, so the "Report level" option is not available and hence why I wasn't seeing the collisions you were.
Good review for me, thanks.
The HAI sends status requests to all units in a room whenever one of the 6 room links is transmitted, but it doesn't send the requests when an individual unit makes a local change. 
That is why the default configuration is fro the switches to report their status upon switch activation.
Also good review to me that the unit transmitting the 241/242 links is how the HAI tells that that unit is switching on or off, to be used in a trigger.