Violated Zone Status


I am using the M1G with CQC to show status of certain zones, etc. Is there a way in the M1 to track which zones caused a zone to alarm and convey this via the host interface to something like CQC? It appears that the zones only show current status and doesn't reflect if they were the cause of the alarm once the alarm has been triggered.

The only solution I have been able to come up with is to use a virtual output for each zone and if that zone becomes unsecure while the system is armed then set the corresponding output will be set. I can then use the virtual outputs to show which zones were violated. I would then clear outputs when the system is disarmed or a task has been activated to do so. I am just wondering if there is already a way to show this in the M1?


There is an Alarm By Zone ASCII String request (AZ command) in then M1 software 4.3.10 and later. This returns the alarm status of all 208 zones.

Perhaps CQC has not implimented this new ASCII Serial Port Protocol Command yet.