Vizia RF + giveaway

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Sounds nice!

1 Vizia RF + VRS15-1LX 15A switch and 1 Vizia RF + VRI06-1LX 600W dimmer

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Simply respond to this post (ONCE) BEFORE 7/7/8 (July 6, 2008 11:59pm EST is your last chance), and you will be automatically entered. Good luck!

Winner will be announced on the front page.

In order to qualify, you must accept the following terms and conditions:
  • Winner must have at least 2 "CT related" posts (contest entry not included)
  • Winner has to be a registered CT member before the date of this announcement
  • Only one entry per member/e-mail/household per prize
  • Only 1 winner
  • Multiple entries will automatically disqualify you
  • These terms and conditions may be subject to change
Not open for further replies.