Webinar - UPStart Version 7.0 - Friday, Sep 19, 2014


Just an informational post.  Not sure if this is the best place to post this topic.
Webinar - UPStart Version 7.0

On your Computer 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Pacific Time (map)

Reserve your Webinar seat now at by registering an account here:
PCS Account registration
Logon to the PCS web site with your new registration.
Download the new Upstart here.
Then go to the calendar of events here:
to see event on calendar.
Then register here:  (originally thought that the web event number was unique....guessing it is not).
You need to register on the site though to download the new Upstart version 7.0.
Webevent registeration.
This webinar will educate you on the latest advantages and features of UPStart Version 7.0. It is designed for installers and integrator who want to become proficient and understand the basics of UPStart and the power & flexibility of PulseWorx powered by our UPB® technology. Topics to be covered: Understanding the New Graphic Interface and how to get around. Remote programming with the PIM-IP Learn how to quickly add, modify, test devices (Wall Switches, Keypads) and set the configuration of each. Create a system using the PulseWorx System Designer - increase your productivity and efficiency by making it easier to get the core layout and design of rooms, devices, functionality, scenes and results faster than ever before. Generate detailed system reports and client documentation to ultimately produce bottom line results.
Your link didn't work for me, I think that maybe you need to be a member to access the site.
Got this instead
The page you requested could not be found. You may have used a link that is no longer active or typed the Web address incorrectly. If you arrived here directly from GoToMeeting.com, GoToWebinar.com or GoToTraining.com, please report the missing page.
Thank-you Mike.   I thought the web event number registration was unique and it is not.
In recap...
1 - Register on the PCS web site to download new Upstart
2 - Use the second link for the PCS Webinar which registers you to attend the webinar.
I fixed the links above.