Premise Weeder Technologies Digital I/O Module

Motorola Premise
Maybe the arrangement you have adds a communications delay.

Go to the CreateResponseTimer method and change its duration from 2 to 4 seconds. The driver will wait 4 seconds for the WTDIO to respond before concluding that the WTDIO is unresponsive.
I think that did it. I'm not seeing any errors anymore.
So, hopefully not a dumb question, but will this support any of the other modules? (Like Thermocouple - I want to monitor temps thru the 'estate' (hot tub, swimming pool, etc)
Unfortunately, no. The WTDIO has digital inputs that simply indicate on or off.

I do plan to work with Ken Mitchell to develop a driver for Midon Design's TEMP08 1-wire interface. It will open the door to an economical means of measuring temperature, humidity, and a few other things.
I have some Weeder Tech modules and a driver around here somewhere if still interested. I'd have to dig...seems like eons ago I was working with that stuff.

Damon ... now there's a name that's synonymous with Premise! :(

Yes, eons may have past but there are still a few diehards, and new recruits, that refuse to let Premise fade into obscurity. It still does what it was designed to do ... and it does it very well.

The Premise Downloads section is ready to receive whatever drivers and source-code you're willing to share with the community.

If you have the time to spare, we'd all benefit from your expertise. I know I have a few questions that have no answers in the docs or the old forums ...
I know - Premise is still an engineering marvel even now. In some ways it's a shame that it's free! So much time and resources went into that product - it boggles the mind.

Many may be surprised to know that despite us being dealers for AMX and Control4, Premise still runs my house. One of these days when I have time I will doc and share the interface and the configuration. Completely developed from scratch reminiscent of the old "Premise Jukebox". It's still the only interface that I know of that let's you drag and drop zones and lights and stuff to group and get things to play.
As for your unresolved questions, summarize the top 3 for me. I'd love to help but there are so many threads and posts here now I wouldn't know where to start looking...

I will post some drivers and source code. I will leave it up to you to wade through them and document if necessary.