What 1-wire LOOKS like

This one's mine; I'm building a trailer from scratch because I hate the classic "RV" that's made of cardboard and contact paper...and I'm taking my computers along with me for the ride. That's what makes me a technomad!

(For more on Technomads, see http://microship.com/)

After some fooling around, and before I take the "support" PC out of there, here are some pictures of how I'm using the Hobby-Boards equipment. Keep in mind, it's not done, nor cleaned up. :p

The site about it's contruction and eventual travels is http://CounterMoon.org, and for a direct link to the newest photes, try: http://countermoon.org/gallery/view_album....bumName=album05

Feel free to look around; I'm always interested in other WheelDwellers (or just generic Technomads) to keep in touch with, on the road.

What's YOUR installation look like?


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