What is the different between the 1132cu and...


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What is the difference bewtween the USB

1132cu going for 60 dollars at smarthome.com

1132u going for about half that at smarthome.com

Also does the CM11A missing some of the features of the more expensive usb version (i need the serial version).

The 1132cu has some memory, so it can execute some macros without a PC, just like the CM11A, while the 1132u is just the interface.
WayneW - I thought I read that HS does support the onboard memory version. Maybe you can't program the interface, but can still use it connected?
According to post #4 in this thread, it is not supported. But you are right, according to the supported hardware list, it IS supported as you say. When HST adds support for a shipping product that they previously did NOT support, they need to add/edit their message board postings.