Which controller to go w/ for a PHP programmer like me?


I would like your advise. after much research I'm now comfortable w/ how the whole HA works, the different standards, and all that..

But I am confused between the different controller solutions , both hardware and software, for home automation.

Basically, here's my situation:

1) I have decided to go w/ Z-wave as the standard to build on

2) I'm a Web applications Programmer and comfortable w/ PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (via Jquery). I would like to utilize my current skills to develop my own GUI/Controller.

Basically I'm hoping for an API approach. Where the "devices/controller" simply fires statuses/strings at my php script using HTTP GET/POST methods, that way I can save that to mySQL database, and maintain logs, each device statuses etc...

and like wise my PHP sends strings (commands) to the devices using the same manner.

This would make things so easy for me.

3) I hate the CLOUD.. there are so many solutions offering "CLOUD" based APIs and what GUIs etc, but to be honest IM NOT A FAN of a CLOUD only solution.. Internet is never reliable. I wanted to focus on a more "OFFLINE" or "LAN" type of installation/setup

4) I really don't have time to learn new languages, and protocols.. I just need a quick way to bridge my PHP webserver to the Z-wave server and start from there. May not be a solution as easy as this but point being i needed to intergrate w/o too much learning curve.

At the moment, SMARTTHINGs and NINJA BLOCKS looked OK.. but the former still being unavailable, and the latter not natively supporting z-wave.. OpenRemote looks promising, but dive into the docs yet as I am pressed for time.  Homeseer perhaps? Vera maybe? anyway,  my quest continues..  and hoping someone can quickly point me to the right direction.. I would really appreciate it.

Regards to all
Premise is free software that Motorola used to charge $995 for! It has an SDK and its 100% customizable.  It was written by ex-Microsoft guys so it has a very powerful IDE (in addition to the full fledged SDK in C++ or .net).
A member has already posted a jquery GUI you can work from too.  There's over a hundred opensource modules to learn from in the downloads section:  http://cocoontech.com/forums/files/category/1-premise/
The z-wave module for Premise is opensource too.  I use it and helped develop it.  It supports most devices you'll need (locks, lights, sensors, thermostats, etc...).  It's easy to add to the modules, it requires only knowledge of vbscript and Premise Builder (Premise's IDE).
BrownChiLD said:
thanks ill check that out now :)
If you don't mind having to get an HAI panel, you could also get an Omni ProII or Omni IIe with a mac running HaikuHelper.  Great Javascript interface, JQuery based custom UIs, you name it.
If you are already comfortable with PHP and JavaScript/JQuery then you will be right at home... plus it's free!  Well, sort of, you need an Omni panel.