Whole house audio with wireless touchscreens?

Need some suggestions.....

How could this be accomplished?

Multiple rooms with speakers. Wireless touch screen control for each room. You can see what source is playing, for example when playing xm ...it would display the current song playing. Or see current ipod song. Russound does this but doesnt have wireless lcd controls...

Please help.


Wireless touch screen control for each room.

Several remotes work via wi-fi... Nevo, RTI, etc.

The nevo is a remote I've been considering for a while (waiting for bugs to be fixed and price to come down). Lists for about $800, so I haven't made the plunge yet, but seems promising.

Discussion about said remote (remotecentral forum)

I also look forward to other people's ideas as well, as I'm not well versed in this area. My touchscreen is wired and I don't have XM radio nor an IPOD :)

But this does beg the quesion... How can XM/IPOD send its playlist data to any monitor if its not wired? Is XM radio streamed on the internet?
I just use a fujitsu 3400 with a wifi card in it running the CQC interface viewer.

Pretty boring, but I can pull up any of my screens and do anything I want.
I have a Sonos system. It has a nice wireless controller that displays music info on the wireless controller. It does not support the Apple music format because of DRM as the Sonos system is made up of multiple zone players. I have all my music ripped to FLAC format and stored on a NAS. It works great. It also plays Internet radio stations and displays music info to the remote. You can also control things from computer desktop controllers. It does not support XM or Sirius meta data from the radios themselves. I do beleive that XM broadcasts via the internet that should give you music data. I don't have XM ot an Ipod. Take a look at there web sit, or give there tech support dept a call, they have execelent Tech support.
looks like i am going to have to go the CQC route with a russound system and run view the russound keypad on it. The fujitsu is too big for my customer.......what would you recommend that is more compact?


Another option would be the moodSeer server by Magic Home Entertainment.

We do carry these now and have them in stock. We'll get it on the website soon I promise!

You can visit the manufacturer's website HERE though.
Automated outlet,

I took a look at the website it looks cool but i dont see how it would do what i need it to with the ipod and xm??
pjwinstalls said:
looks like i am going to have to go the CQC route with a russound system and run view the russound keypad on it. The fujitsu is too big for my customer.......what would you recommend that is more compact?


What size are you thinking? Lilliput makes 8" 800x600 and 7" 800x480 panels.

A few CQC'ers wallmounted them, and have pics on the cqc forum.
like pronto remote size or a little bigger. He wants to be able to pick it up and go from his living room to kitchen with it.....or take it outside when sitting by the pool and deck.
If using the Russound CAV or CAM 6.6, look at the Samsung Q1 UMPC and the about to be released ELKRM software upgrade that will support satellite radio, CD, AM/FM, and Media Server.

With this combination you have wireless 802.11 WIFI, portable control of your sound system, with album art and what music is playing. In addition to video, security, HVAC, and output control of your whole automation system.
If you want something you can carry from room2room look into a UMPC or a tabletPC... many options/brands/sizes/etc

I did this a while back with NetRemote and will likely do it again since it is the lower cost alternative to CQC and other more $ systems.

The moodSeer product can use the iPod or other MP3 player as another hard drive - just plug it in and all the music is available to beam to different rooms. In addition, now a single iPod can be streaming different songs to different rooms, each person controlling what they want to hear from the one device. Of course you can also copy tracks between the moodCenter (main unit) and the iPod at any time.

For XM, we don't support the radios at this time, but you can connect to the XM internet stream and beam that from room to room.

I have been very successful using a combination of Sonos, Tablet PCs, UMPCs, and PocketPCs to get whole house audio control. Both the Pocket PCs, UMPCs, and Tablet PCs can run terminal sessions to my HTPC in the AV closet. They can then use Remote Desktop to control the Yahoo Widgets for both Sirius and XM. If I want to listen to a different channel than a different zone each unit I can connect with a separate session to XM or Sirius and use the widget on each individual Tablet or UMPC or various programs on the PPC to stream Satellite radio with song title and artist information. The Tablet, UMPC, and PPC can also control the HTPC that has the SONOS client software on it for controlling music from the PC,Rhapsody, and Aux sound in from the PC from any source you want.

Its a pretty inclusive system that can be controlled by what ever device you choose.