Wierd Elk rule....


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I have a rule set up, and it used to work but after this latest update it seems broke.

As you can see, maybe, if user 2 or user 3 (Kyle or Sue) disarm the system, output 208 is turned on for 10 minutes. Then if the system is disarmed, it should check output 208 and if 208 is off, it should notify me via phone.

The problem is, even if user 2 or 3 disarm the system, I get notified.....

Any ideas?

:blink: Got me! I will check it out Monday.

Thanks for the heads up.

Chakara, just for my debugging purposes, try output 207. That would tell me alot.
I checked out the latest version software that is about to release, M1 version 4.3.7, and the problem does not exist. There has been work done on the Rules Engine, so it must have gotten fixed with this new release.

On your current version software, you may try setting an additional output say 207 for 1 second whenever the system disarms. Then add to your Rule: Whenever output 207 turns off and output 208 is off Then call your cell phone.

This allows all the Rules to have time to execute without a race condition which I suspect in your case.

Thanks for the input so we can stay on top of any problem.

Elk Engineering
Now THAT is good tech support, others could learn from it. Makes me proud to be an M1 owner.
Wow, thanks David, that works like a champ. And as the others have said, every interaction I've had with Elk has been fantastic. Keep up the good work!