Window Security Film - Worth It?


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I've got an Elk M1 with door and window magnetic switches, three internal motions, and a glassbreak sensor in the garage. I want to do more earlier to keep the bad guys out, so I'm thinking about adding window glassbreak sensors, but a lot of people don't recommend it with curtains, drapes or shutters muffling sound.
So I'm now thinking about Honeywell window glass shock sensors (5800SS1). This will up the price of full window protection considerably -- from $50 per room to $250 - $300 per room. (I've read some concerns about high false alarms with shock sensors. Anybody have any experience?)
Then it dawned on me, maybe the smartest next security upgrade investment should be window safety & security film from 3M. I don't have any bids on this yet, but another post on CT says it is expensive. 
If I install security film to the insides of the windows, will window shock sensors such as the Honeywell 5800SS1 still work? I figure that the acoustic glassbreak sensors would be out because the film holds the glass together. But I'm wondering if the shock signature on the window would be similar enough so the shock sensor will work in conjunction with the film.
There's been a HUGE uptick in residential burglaries in our town so far this year, probably 4X what we had last year at this point. A couple years ago, two houses on our side of the street and only two doors down were hit. I'd like to do more to keep the creeps out.
3m security film is amazing stuff.  Having said that, it only works if it is applied edge to edge on the glass BEFORE it is installed in the frame.  To really work well, the film would be on the inside, sandwiched between two pieces of glass in a double pained window. Even better is to glue the glass or film to the frame during installation.  If it is added to the widow as an after thought, the glass just folds up in a sheet. it isn't any stronger and will not really deter a burglar.
Here on the Gulf Coast, some building codes require this security film to protect building occupants during wind storms.
Generally speaking, piezoelectric type shocks don't work with films. Acoustic based, definitely not. Inertia based (ball in cup) would need substantial adjustment.
The 5800SS is piezoelectric based.