Youtube TV device that has channel up/down?


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Youtube TV looks good and loads faster on my firesticks than sling. (sling takes a long time for some reason). But it would be nice to be able to go up or down a channel without going back to the screen with everything.
Depending on your TV model, many TV remotes (not the Fire TV remote) allow control of the Fire TV, including channel up and down. It has to be connected to the TV via a HDMI-CEC port and the feature has to be enabled on the TV. Youtube TV has over 100 channels, so have fun with that.
In the LG TV setup there is selection of control of various devices via CEC. Roku and others are there but no Amazon fire stick. I suppose I could select something else and give it a try...
I found my LG tv has an app for youtube tv so I can run everything with the main remote. I also discovered that a double down tap will bring up the channels at the bottom of the screen for quick switching so I can do most things from the firestick (once it's the source for the TV). So I am fine with the existing hardware. I'm sure there are other shortcuts I am not aware of. Any crib sheets around? I suppose it's different in the various apps..