Z-Wave demo home in Florida on Fox News...


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I was out in Florida this week along with a number of other Z-Wave Alliance manufacturers to install Z-Wave hardware in the first Z-Wave demo home.

We had hardware and representatives from many manufacturers--Intermatic, Leviton, Logitech, Wayne Dalton, Techniku, Elk, DMR, Boca, etc. Intermatic was our gracious host in this two-story oceanfront home.

It was really cool playing with the various devices, all talking to each other across the home seamlessly. It was also cool that it only took about ten minutes to add the ~50 devices into one Z-Wave network (including controllers from five manufacturers). I think that this is the first time this has all happened on a single network.

Anyway, Fox News came out Thursday morning and did an awesome piece about the home. DMR had a media center at the home, so we used that to record the show. Hopefully, we will be able to post a copy on our website. It was pretty cool!

The electricians, the news crews, and the media who toured the home were all really impressed by how easy the home was to set up and use, how seamlessly it worked, etc. I was really impressed how good so much of the production (and near-production) hardware works in this mixed-vendor network.

WayneW said:
Is the house ever going to be opened for public demos? Right now it appears to be press only. Is it worth the drive?
It was on Wednesday night :eek: A number of locals, builders, press, and others came on Wednesday afternoon/evening for free food and a full tour. It was pretty cool.

All of the manufacturers who installed products are welcome to give tours of the home over the next few months while it's unoccupied. If you can talk one of them into inviting you when they're there, you would certainly be able to get a tour.

[And I'm sorry, none of us from ControlThink have plans to be out at the house in the near future :)]


I'll see if I can get a copy of the news video and post it on the net somewhere. You can see the home in real-life action there.