z wave dimmers


I am looking for a 600W dimmer that has 2 way capabilities (instant status, not polling) and ramping capabilities. Does the ACT ZDW120 have this or would I have to go with the Vizia line?
Vizia or Monster as far as I know. Although I think HomeSeer has a workaround for some ACT models. If you are using HS then you may want to check over in their forums.
Check out the Vizia RF dimmers. I can't comment on the 600 watt dimmers, but I installed 3 of the 1000 watt dimmers and love them. 4 more arrived today and they will go in very soon.

I am using them with my HAI OmniPro II and the status update is extremely fast and very accurate.


I installed four of the Vizia-RF (600w) dimmers two weeks ago. The biggest load that I have on any one is 300 Watts. I am very happy with them. I just placed an order for another three. :)


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By the way, HomeSeer supports instant status on these. I use HS for the 'steely eyed' control. I also use ThinkEssentials for the normal Z-Wave stuff.