Z-Wave Issues


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I'm having a few strange problems with my zwave devices.

I have all intermatic stuff.

1. I programmed a lamp module into channel 4 on my remote. It worked fine for a few days and then stopped working. Here's the symptoms.

The remote would not turn the lamp on but would turn it off. It would say successful when I pressed the button and the lamp module would flash but no light on. If I pressed all on or if I programmed an event it would come on though. I have two other remotes copied to match the primary and would get the same result on those.

I deleted the module and channel info twice, replaced the module, and deleted the whole network and channel info with no luck. I then just put it on channel 5 and it worked fine.

2. I have one outdoor mod. and one lamp mod. hooked up to some Halloween decorations and programmed an event to turn them on and off. Both items are programmed on channel seven and turn off and on together fine when pressing the remote buttons. My problem is the lamp module turns off after a few hours.

Any help with these issues would be great.
This sounds like you have too many lights on the lamp module and it is overheating.

I have done this myself and the lamp module just turns off on it's own, then does not come back on or does a quick flash and back off.

How about not enough? Its only running 3 small christmas bulbs. And your right it turns on and off and on and so on.
I opted for the Z-Wave route myself and I've been pretty unhappy with it so far.

My issues have to do with a lack of compatibility between hardware and software. I'm really on the fence as to whether I should cut my losses and look into another protocol or keep with it and throw more money at it in the hopes that it will eventually all get sorted out.

Your hardware issues don't do much to convince me that Z-Wave is the way to go but best of luck getting it figured out.

One common mistake I make when programming scenes is that I accidently put the device in its off state when I program the scene. If you do this, the controller will think that the lamp should be off when the scene is on. This feature probably doesn't make sense until you consider cases where a scene has more than one device. For instance, it is possible to program a scene to turn on two lights and turn a third one off.

You could try-programming the scene and making sure that the lamp is in its desired state (partially on or fully on) when you create the scene.
Hmm. You guys are starting to scare me. I was going to do my whole house with z-wave switches. I really like the promise of z-wave. Now with the cost and the problems that people are reporting, I'm having second thoughts!

stacyh3 said:
Hmm. You guys are starting to scare me. I was going to do my whole house with z-wave switches. I really like the promise of z-wave. Now with the cost and the problems that people are reporting, I'm having second thoughts!

My Z-Wave has been rock solid (after learning a few things and dealing with headaches and failures along the way). The biggest issue I saw with Z-Wave is when you learn/add a device to the network (master remote) it communicates with other devices around so it knows a mapped route to get signals. If I moved a module without removing it from the network (not just removing it from the remote, but do a total factory reset on the module, this is not clearly defined in the manuals) things get messy and things fail because what paths to send signals each module thinks exists don't. Even just moving furniture around could impact the route of the signal.

If you look at X-10, Insteon and UPB you'll see there is always some problem with it that someone is reporting.

68sting; when you state you are deleting the channel or module, make sure you are doing a factory reset on the module, not just deleting it. I've had brand new modules not work at all until I force a factory reset on them and then they functioned perfectly.

The Pod
I would have to agree w/Pod. I was an early adopter of this and other then the learning curve and a flew gitches in the beginning (Homepro USB controller) my system has been rock solid. I run both Homepro and Intermatic switches,hand held/desktop remotes and motion sensor.

I only had two failures in about two years and I have about 40 devices.

- Mike
I am also very happy with my Z-Wave installation, I had a few problems in the beginning. But is has been running very well for over a year. Except for a switch going dead on me.

I think I figured out my channel 4 issue. Operator Error, unfortanantly for me.

On the other issue, I replaced the lamp mod. with an appl. mod. and it seems to be working fine so far. Still not sure what to think of that one considering it only had to run 3 small lights. The inwall dimmers say they need at least 40watts to work properly and I'm wondering if the lamp mod. needs a min. also.

The Pod,

How do you do a total factory reset on a device?

I've been very happy with my zwave stuff so far. Usually if I have a problem it comes back to me not understanding something or just screwing it up. The directions seem a little on the light side sometimes if your new to HA.

I agree the SINGLE MAJOR FLAW of zwave has been instructions to get you through the learning curve. And it seems to be mfg. independant, I have both ACT and Intermatic stuff, all the literature sucks to say the least.
I would have never guessed too low of a load would cause the same issues as overloading.